Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Would Google Groups Be Better

Hey folks,

I was wondering if google groups would be better suited for our needs. I hate to push just one company, but now bc of the blog many of us already have a gmail account. Plus I think Google has an advantage with an online platform and file storage.

If you take the tour you'll see Google groups:
  1. Allows for discussions, not just blogs
  2. Create collaborative webpages
  3. Upload files
We could, if we were to choose this option, still post an NRC grad blog, but a private place for discussions and the ability to upload files might make Google groups more viable.

Whatchya think?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Posting Papers and Presentations-Any Ideas???

Hey folks,

A NRC great blog, great one more important tool keeping me from the constant barrage of homework. I am sure it will be a welcome respite.

I was glad to meet everyone at Austin, and look forward to trying out a blog with everyone. I must admit this is my first time using a blog as part of a professional organization, and it will be interesting to watch its development or demise. I wonder how active of a community it will become and if we will sustain the community. One things for sure at least blogs do not clog inboxes.

One of the major reasons we wanted a blog was to share our papers, research interests, current and future projects, job opportunities, announcements, etc. I figured we might want to start a conversation about posting the firstt aforementioned goal: our papers and presentations.

I think many were hoping we could post our papers and maybe PPT's. There of course might be limitations: a)paper was submitted or accepted for publication (good for you); b)do not have permission from all the authors; c) presented alternate format; e) paper needs retooling f)just don't feel like it. All of these issues are understandable.

I was hoping it would be simply uploading them to the blog. Didn't realize..oh yeah...that takes server space and blogger won't give that away. So we cant just upload the files..right?...We will have to wait and see how Google handles the GDrive launch and how that will integrate with Blogger. Until then this makes me want to just publish using Google Docs, I just hate having to reformat between Word and Docs.

So my ideas for sharing papers and presentations:

1) Publish them to google docs and spreadsheet
a) cut and paste final version of paper to Gdocs and presentations to Gpresentations
b) dont freak about reformatting issues
c) post hyperlink to published version
2) Publish on department or personal website
a) upload pdf version to website
b) post link
3) Cut and Paste entire paper to a new post or comment
a) Does that work?
b) Will it look cumbersome from a design standpoint?

Those are my ideas. Does anyone have any others? Do you see any advantages or disadvantages to these ideas or the ideas of others?

NRC Graduate Student Blog

As we discussed in our meeting last week in Austin, I have created this blog for the graduate student members of the National Reading Conference.  I am going to invite all of you to be authors on the blog.  This way, we can all post as needed.  Additionally, you may also leave comments on posts created by other members.

If you have a gmail account, let me know, and I can invite you again using that address.  If you have a gmail account that is already associated with your university email account, sometimes it is difficult to get access to Blogger with a "new" account.  It's just easier to set it up using your gmail account.

I enjoyed meeting all of you last week and look forward to seeing how we use this blog and implement the other suggestions that were made!