Monday, December 3, 2007

NRC Graduate Student Blog

As we discussed in our meeting last week in Austin, I have created this blog for the graduate student members of the National Reading Conference.  I am going to invite all of you to be authors on the blog.  This way, we can all post as needed.  Additionally, you may also leave comments on posts created by other members.

If you have a gmail account, let me know, and I can invite you again using that address.  If you have a gmail account that is already associated with your university email account, sometimes it is difficult to get access to Blogger with a "new" account.  It's just easier to set it up using your gmail account.

I enjoyed meeting all of you last week and look forward to seeing how we use this blog and implement the other suggestions that were made!



Greg McVerry said...

Thanks for setting this up!! It will be interesting to see how we use this

Beth_E said...

I really appreciate your efforts here Angie. I too enjoyed meeting everyone last week and look forward to future communications!