Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Would Google Groups Be Better

Hey folks,

I was wondering if google groups would be better suited for our needs. I hate to push just one company, but now bc of the blog many of us already have a gmail account. Plus I think Google has an advantage with an online platform and file storage.

If you take the tour you'll see Google groups:
  1. Allows for discussions, not just blogs
  2. Create collaborative webpages
  3. Upload files
We could, if we were to choose this option, still post an NRC grad blog, but a private place for discussions and the ability to upload files might make Google groups more viable.

Whatchya think?


Noreen Moore said...

Hmmm. Sounds like a study to me - perhaps we could run both (blog and group) to see where more people gravitate?

I use google docs and it really works for me and my assistantship work. I don't have any experience with google groups - but from what you have posted I would be interested in trying it. I also like that it is a more private space. Perhaps the website could showcase our interests, research, sources we have found helpful etc. I would find 'source' sharing helpful - especially as I am writing my diss proposal.

Angie_R said...

Now that's thinking like a doc student, Noreen!

I think this is an excellent idea, Greg! I vote we try it and see what happens.